Eureka Boarding Kennels and Cattery FAQs

Should my pet be desexed?
Our preference is definitely yes – firstly for the many health benefits for your pet and secondly it always assists with a friendlier environment in the kennels. We reserve the right to charge an additional “cleaning surcharge” for undesexed male dogs.
Please advise when booking whether your pet is desexed as we require this information when choosing compatible neighbours for your dog. Also please note – we do not accommodate undesexed ADULT male cats.

Does my cat or dog need to be vaccinated to stay at Eureka Boarding Kennels and Cattery?
Yes. No vaccination card, no stay. For the protection of all animals a current vaccination card must be produced. C5 Vaccination is required for dogs in our boarding kennels and cats require current minimum of F3 Vaccination to stay in our cattery. These vaccinations are fairly inexpensive and we prefer if you have it done 14 days prior to entry to the kennels or cattery.

What is on the menu for dogs or cats in our care?
All diets are catered for and all of our guests receive healthy and nutritional foods. For dogs, we have a number of different Royal Canin dry foods, dependent upon their life stage to which we add a healthy, preservative-free Prime 100 cooked chicken & vegetable roll. We also have many healthy treats as extras or just for “spoiling”! For cats, we offer a large variety of tinned foods and our preferred dry food used is Royal Canin Sensible for cats with a little bit of the Royal Canin oral care to look after their teeth. Again, all life stages are catered for.
We ask prescription diets are provided and we certainly don’t mind you providing any extras from home. We discuss your pet’s feeding routine at home and maintain this while they are on holiday with us. Only restricted food item is raw bones.

Do you cater to specialised dietary requirements for pets?
Yes. You can bring any food from home if you choose or tell us about your pets’ dietary requirements and we are more than happy to accommodate them.

Do you administer dog or cat medications?
Yes. We will administer medications for your pet/s including diabetic Pets. Please note some medications will incur a fee.

Do you provide transportation for dogs or cats in Ballarat?
Yes we do. As part of the service at Eureka Boarding Kennels and Cattery we provide transportation to our Ballarat kennels and cattery facilities including pick up and delivery. Pick ups and pet delivery charges start at $25.00 and are charged out as $1.00 per Km for the return trip. Please note Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays will incur extra fees.

Can I being comfort toys or blankets from home for my pet?
Absolutely. We want your pet to feel as comfortable as possible. Toys, coats, beds, baskets, blankets or anything that brings your pet comfort is more than welcome.

What do you do if my dog or cat gets sick?
The policy at Eureka Boarding Kennels and Cattery is to use your pets’ vet as they know your pet best. If your veterinarian is unavailable or too far away we will use our own on-call vet, who would then confer with your veterinarian. We will contact you before we make any decisions, in the event that you or your designated contact cannot be reached, we will use our discretion.

Will my dog be boarding on its own?
Yes, all of the dogs that stay in our kennels have their own accommodation. If you have two dogs from the same family we are more than happy to place them in shared accommodation.

Will my cat be on its own?
Yes. To ensure your cat’s happiness and minimise stress in a new environment we never mix cats or put them in the same housing, unless they are from the same family, then we are more than happy to place them in shared accommodation.

What time should I check my pet in?
For first timers, the earlier in the day, the better as this allows us to get to know your pet and gives them the opportunity to settle in, meet and greet their neighbours and explore their new surroundings.
Our Office Hours are:
8.30am-6.00pm, Monday to Saturday
9.00am-6.00pm, Sundays and Public Holidays.
Closed Wednesdays, Christmas Day and Good Friday.

Is there a check out time?
You are welcome to collect your fur babies from opening at 8:30 am every day excluding Sundays and public holidays we start at 9 am. Our final check out is 5:45 pm everyday, except Wednesdays when our office is closed.

If you have any further enquiries contact us at Eureka Boarding Kennels and Cattery in Ballarat via email or phone us on 03 5334 7208.