Eureka Boarding Kennels & Cattery Booking Request

Make sure we have accommodation available and all the information we need about your pet when your next holiday rolls around. Whether a new friend or a returning guest, please complete the information forms on the New Friends or Previous Guests pages.

New Friends

If you’re after a heated cattery or perhaps looking for doggy hotels in the Ballarat district, you really can’t look past Eureka Boarding Kennels. Our pet boarding facilities in Ballarat┬áreally are beyond compare. Before you become one of our valued clients, we need you to provide us with information.┬áPlease complete the form so we know...

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Previous Guests

Even though your pet might have been a previous guest at our Ballarat boarding kennels, we ‘d still like the latest information about your four-legged companion and details about their next visit. Please complete the form on this page when organising your pet accommodation at Eureka Boarding Kennels.

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