Helping where we can

October 9, 2018

We are pleased to announce that here at Eureka Boarding Kennels and Cattery we are able to continue our support for the RSPCA, CFA Warrenheip and also Aussie Helpers.

Because of your continued support we will be able to help where we can.

Firstly the RSPCA are doing great things and we will continue our support as long as we can

Secondly the local CFA is always in need of help and although we are too busy to offer our labor we are please to be able to pledge funds each year to help where it is necessary.

Aussie Helpers are out and about helping our struggling farmers with drought relief in many states in Australia. There is a donation tin on our counter at the kennels and cattery and Rob, Meg and the staff are able to contribute to them monthly. Check out their website and see all the good things these guys are doing

So part of your boarding fees go to these good causes and we are with them all in spirit as they go about helping those most in need.  The dedicated staff at Eureka Boarding Kennels and Cattery know that their efforts to look after your fur kids while they are in our care is very important and they all thank you for the trust you place in them. So next time you drop off your loved one for us to look after at Eureka Boarding Kennels and Cattery you too will be able to feel good about helping your fellow man. We look forward to seeing you next time