School holiday boarding kennel in Ballarat

May 17, 2016

It’s almost that time of year when Ballarat district families ask themselves four crucial questions: 1. Do we head to the snow to take advantage of the wintry conditions? 2. Do we head north to escape winter’s chill and warm up for a week or two? 3. What on earth do we do with the dog when we’re away. 4. What is the name of that Ballarat boarding kennel?

The first two questions are no-brainers – either choice is absolutely fine. After all, a holiday is a holiday, whether you’re at the snow or sunning yourself on a northern beach. The answer comes down to your personal preference, and if you can’t decide then just flip a coin. You can’t go wrong.

And the next two questions are just as easy to answer. What do you do with the dog? You book it into a boarding kennel. And what is the name of that boarding kennel in Ballarat? It’s Eureka Kennels – our boarding kennels at 1079 Eureka St, Ballarat.

The June school holidays are fast approaching and, as they do every year, the phone calls have started from pet owners seeking temporary accommodation for dogs and cats while their masters and mistresses take a well-earned break.

Why a boarding kennel instead of simply asking friends to take care of the family pet for a couple of weeks? That’s another easy question to answer but we’ll tell you a story first.

A family we know of offered to care for a friend’s greyhound for a couple of weeks earlier this year. Initially everything went beautifully. The greyhound only needed a walk in the morning and the evening and appeared to be quite content sleeping on the floor most of the day.

However, sleeping is a loose description of what the dog was actually doing. The reason it appeared so content was that it was happily chewing its way through various items of furniture while the house occupants went about their daily tasks. Those powerful jaws made quiet but quick work of a few chair legs, including a family heirloom, and arm rests, obviously tackling the chair arms when it needed a break from the legs or stood to change position. There was quite a bit of wailing and gnashing of teeth – and not the dog’s – when the extent of the damage became apparent and the poor, bored greyhound was relegated to the back porch for the remainder of its stay.

The friendship survived but the chewy canine is no longer welcome to tag along when its owners visit their friends and their now somewhat battered furniture.

Back to the question. Why a boarding kennel? Well, the answer’s rather obvious now, isn’t it? At Eureka Kennels we look after your dog in facilities designed specifically for dogs, using skills targeted at dogs and equipment tailored for dogs. You don’t have to worry about grandma’s antique chairs being chewed or friendships being strained when you leave your pet at our Ballarat boarding kennel.

So, there are no more questions to answer. Just book the holiday and book your pet into the boarding kennel.

Vacancies fill fast for the June school holidays so make sure you don’t miss out. Contact our boarding kennels in Ballarat and both you and your pooch can put your feet up in style and enjoy the break without a worry in the world.